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General information

Our company ORBITVU sp. z o. o. (you can find detailed information about us at the bottom of this Privacy Policy) is a controller of personal data of customers using our products or services (including ORBITVU services, see in particular section “Use of the ORBITVU Service”) and potential customers who are interested in our offer. This means that we collect and use such data (in other words: “we process personal data”) to perform customer orders, provide services, warranty and post-warranty support, as well as to inform about our products and offer.

Not all information concerning our existing or potential customers is considered “personal data” in the meaning of law. It is only information that relates to the identity of a natural person, i.e. an individual as opposed to so-called legal persons – existing on the basis of legal regulations (e.g. various types of companies). However, also customers who are legal entities may also be associated with personal data of their employees and representatives who, acting on their behalf, provide us with their personal data. The data we may receive are, but are not limited to, your name, e-mail address (if it may reveal the identity of an individual ), telephone number and place of work.

Since our products and services, including ORBITVU, are addressed to business or professional customers (B2B) and not to consumers (B2C), most of the data we process are not personal data.

This Privacy Policy is primarily designed to protect personal data, although it also governs how we use all information we obtain about our customers (including “non-personal data”). In cases where this Policy applies to any data we process about our customers or potential customers, we will use the term “data”, while “personal data” will mean only data about the identity of individuals.

The Privacy Policy is in line with the provisions on the protection of personal data, in particular with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as the GDPR). The rules of the GDPR govern the processing of any personal data of individuals from any Member State of the European Union.

We treat the received data as confidential, which is why we do our best to protect them as far as possible against unauthorized persons. For this purpose, we use technical means, such as e.g. secure communications protocols. All our employees who come into contact with your data have been properly trained to process them.

We respect your right to privacy. We only use the information you provide to us for the purpose for which it was collected with your consent or pursuant to legal provisions allowing us to do so.

Thanks to the information we receive from our customers and those interested in our offer, as well as the use of cookies and local storage technology (see section “Use of cookies”), we improve our products and services, improve the quality of service and adapt to the needs and expectations of our customers.

You will learn from this Privacy Policy, how we use the information, how you can protect your privacy and what rights you have in relation to your personal data. Please read it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

In the Privacy Policy you will find information about:

  • type of the data we collect;
  • use of the ORBITVU Service;
  • use of cookies;
  • how we use the data and the legal basis for it;
  • period during which personal will be stored
  • data protection and data security;
  • entities which have access to the data
  • your rights under the GDPR regulations
  • how we interact with you;
  • changes in the Privacy Policy;
  • our registration and contact details

Data we collect

Due to the fact that our offer is addressed mainly to business customers and not to consumers (B2B), we primarily collect data concerning companies (enterprises) interested in or already using our products and services. They may also include personal data of their representatives and employees.

The information is provided to us either by the interested parties themselves via our website (contact forms, newsletter subscriptions), by e-mail or telephone and by personal contact (e.g. at trade fairs), or is collected by us automatically via cookies or similar technology (see section “Use of cookies”).

In the contact forms on our websites (on the website you can choose different language versions, the English version is available at:, we ask you to provide the company name, company e-mail address, and possibly the name and surname of the contact person. The obligatory data are marked with an asterisk (*). The other data indicated in the form are optional, but giving them will help us to provide you with information that is better adapted to your needs and business profile (e.g. country in which the company is based, industry of the company, number of photos taken monthly, other information that you can send in the message).

You can also subscribe to our newsletter via our website by entering your e-mail address and selecting the checkbox in a contact form or by entering your e-mail address and clicking the “Subscribe” button atthe homepage. Our newsletter may contain information about our products, news, changes in price lists and offers, etc. You can opt out from receiving it at any time.

In order to process your purchase order, issue an invoice and deliver the products, we will need additional information as required by law (e.g. a postal address and tax identification number of your company).

Remember, that by providing us with your data you do it voluntarily. You have no legal or contractual obligation to do so. However, some details may be necessary, for example, to process your order (company name, postal address, tax identification number). Without such information we may not be able to sell you our products nor provide services.

Data collected automatically are data about the activity of visitors to our website, collected using the so-called cookies or similar technologies (see section “Use of cookies”). They allow us to constantly improve and adjust our websites and offers to the customer’s preferences.

Use of the ORBITVU Service

ORBITVU owns and manages the ORBITVU website available at (and other domains related to Orbitvu Cloud:,,,, It provides a 360/3D/2D multimedia presentation management service (hereinafter referred to as the ORBITVU Service or Service). The Service also serves the users of ORBITVU solutions to manage purchased licenses for ORBITVU software, to download ORBITVU software and to buy additional services such as technical support and extended warranty. The Service is also used by ORBITVU and it’s sales partners to provide warranty and technical support service.

A user of the Service is a company (entrepreneur) registered in the Service. In order to register, you need to provide a company name and a user e-mail. The data of the company registered in the Service are not visible to other users using the Service, except for ORBITVU and it’s sale partner (e.g. a subsidiary company, or distributor), who has made a sale of any ORBITVU product to the company. The data is used by ORBITVU and it’s sales partners to provide warranty and technical support service. The company that owns the account can manage access to the account by individuals (e.g. its employees or co-workers).

If you become our customer, i.e. you have purchased one of our products, you will receive an activation e-mail from us, which will allow you to register with the Service.

If you are not our customer yet (you have not used our products yet), you can register in the Service (create a company account) by providing the above data and choosing a password to the account. Free registration will enable you to test our ORBITVU Service.

ORBITVU users receive technical information about the functioning of the Service via e-mail (to the address provided by them), e.g. about the expiry of their account, technical breaks, new functionalities of the Service, legal warnings.

If you register with the Service on its website, you may also give your consent to receive, at the e-mail address provided, commercial communications containing news about our product and service offerings. The information is sent in the form of a marketing newsletter.

You can unsubscribe from receiving the marketing newsletter at any time in your account settings or by clicking the unsubscribe button in the newsletter.

Other parts of the Privacy Policy also apply to the data of ORBITVU users. Please read them carefully.

Use of the Google user data

If you connect your Google account to Orbitvu services, eg. by using the "Sign in with Google" button, we use information from this account (your name, e-mail, profile image) to create your Orbitvu account and improve your Orbitvu experience.

Use of cookies

Through our websites, including ORBITVU Service, we use so-called cookies and similar local storage technology. Cookies are information technology data containing a small amount of text which are sent by a web server to a user’s browser when he or she accesses web pages.

We use cookies and local storage files for the purpose of:

  • adapting the content of the pages to the user’s preferences and optimising the use of those pages; produce statistics that help us understand how visitors to our websites use them; for this purpose, we also use Google Analytics, an external web analysis service provided by Google Inc., with its own cookies;
  • ensuring efficient operation of our websites, including all functionalities of the ORBITVU Site

By default, web browsers allow cookies to be placed on the user’s computer. You can change the conditions for storing and accessing cookies by yourself in the settings of your browser (see your browser’s help system for information). If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please change your browser settings accordingly. If you do not do this when you view our website, you will be consenting to the use of cookies for the above purposes.

You can also block the Google Analytics cookies by downloading a corresponding browser add-on (available at:

Please note that blocking cookies may cause difficulties in using certain functionalities of the ORBITVU Service.

Use of data and legal basis for it

We use your data only for the purposes for which you have given us your consent or for which we are entitled by law, in particular under the GDPR provisions.

The data provided to us for the purpose of purchasing our products are used for the execution of customer orders and after-sales service (warranty and post-warranty support). Similarly, data concerning the users of ORBITVU Site are used to provide the ORBITVU Service, including communicating to them (technical) information concerning operation of the Service. In this respect, the legal basis for our processing of personal data is Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR provisions (processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of the concluded contract without the requirement of obtaining a separate consent for such processing)

If you are already our customer and use our products, you can receive from us at the indicated e-mail address marketing information about our current offer, novelties and products improvements. It will be mailed to you in the form of a newsletter after your company has been registered with the ORBITVU Service. The legal basis that allows us to do so is the so-called legitimate interest of the controller (in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR provisions). However, you may object at any time to receiving such commercial information by not giving your consent to register with the ORBITVU Service (rejecting the activation e-mail received from us), by changing settings in your account preferences or by deleting your account.

If you are not using our products yet (you are not our customer) but you have subscribed to the marketing newsletter (upon registration in the ORBITVU Service or through any of our websites), we will use the data provided by you, including your e-mail address, to send the newsletter.

If you send us a product related inquiry through e-mail or using any of contact form, we will only give you information (send email or phone you) related to this inquiry.

In the above cases, the legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent to receive specific commercial information (in accordance with Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR).

You can unsubscribe from receiving our newsletter at any time simply by clicking “unsubscribe” button in the newsletter.

Data collected automatically (by means of cookies or similar technologies, such as local storage) are used by us to analyse the behaviour of visitors to our websites, to collect statistical information related to it and to personalize our websites. All this to improve the quality of our services and the attractiveness of our offer (for more information on how to block cookies, see the section “Use of cookies”).

Any data we hold will not be passed on to any other person or entity for advertising or commercial purposes.

Retention period for data

The data we hold are processed (i.e. used) by us in principle for the period necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected, i.e. to perform the contract for the customer, provide after-sales service (warranty and post-warranty support), provide ORBITVU Service, send newsletter or communicate other information requested by the user (customer).

This does not mean, however, that once we have achieved the above purposes, we will immediately delete all the related data. The obligation to store the data for a longer period of time may result from the provisions of law (in accordance with Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR). This applies in particular to tax, accounting and statistical regulations, which require e.g. storing data on commercial transactions with customers for a specified period of time (e.g. for a period of 5 years after the transaction according to Polish tax regulations).

Moreover, in order to secure the data collected in our IT system, protect it against loss due to system failure, capture and eliminate potential violations of personal data, we create back-up copies (backups) containing comprehensive data of the IT system for the time necessary for the above purposes (3 months). The objective of achieving appropriate level of data security excludes the possibility to delete individual information (including specific personal information) from the backup copy. The legal basis for such data storage is the legitimate interest of the controller (in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the provisions of the GDPR).

Data protection and data security

In order to ensure the best protection of the data transferred to us against their disclosure to unauthorized persons, we have applied a number of technical, IT, organizational and legal safeguards:

  • we collect data on our own server, located in a separate, guarded place; data from the ORBITVU Site are stored on secure Amazon and Digital Ocean servers located in the European Union (relevant information can be found on the Amazon website:
  • the premises in which we process data are protected by numerous physical security measures against unauthorised access;
  • we use an internal firewall-protected network that is not accessible from the outside;
  • our servers can only be accessed by authorized personnel via VPN (Virtual Private Network);
  • we use communication encryption to our servers using SSH protocol;
  • we back up personal data (backups) in order to protect them against accidental loss or intentional destruction;
  • we have implemented appropriate procedures to collect and process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, we monitor and enforce their observance; in the case of a personal data breach we are obliged to notify to the national data protection supervisory authority (in Poland: the Office for Personal Data Protection) thereof within 72 hours
  • we train our staff on an ongoing basis in the protection and processing of personal data and monitor the regulations in this area;
  • if the processing of personal data takes place with the participation of an external service provider, we use the services of only reputable companies, that ensure appropriate level of security and protection of the personal data entrusted to them;

Entities with access to data

With a view to provide efficient and professional service to our customers, we also use IT solutions and tools developed by other companies. Therefore, personal data processed by us may be entrusted to external service providers to a certain extent. However, we select only those service providers that provide adequate guarantees for the protection of the data entrusted to them.

In relation to the data entrusted to them, we still remain the controller of the data and exercise control over them.

For tracking anonymous statistic relating to the Orbitvu Cloud, we use the Google Analytics platform and Hotjar.

As far as processing of personal data for the purpose of sending newsletters to our customers is concerned, we use the external MailChimp mailing platform.

For efficient handling of customer enquiries and requests, we use Odoo platform.

The data of the users of the ORBITVU Service are stored on a secure Amazon and Digital Ocean servers located within the European Union.

The companies indicated in the foregoing, which have their headquarters in the USA, provide the proper level of personal data protection in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR by applying standard contractual clauses (SCCs).

We are also obliged to provide personal data held by us if such a request is made to us by authorized public authorities, e.g. the police, the public prosecutor’s office, a court as well as the data protection supervising authority.

The data will not be passed on to other persons or entities for advertising or commercial purposes.

If, as a company interested in ORBITV products and services, you have your registered office outside of Poland, we will transfer your data (received e.g. via our multilingual website) to one of our distributors operating in the country of your registered office. (You can find information about our worldwide distribution network on our website at: Our distributor will contact you in your native language, provide you with all the information you are interested in and sell you ORBITVU products. The distributor will also provide you with after-sales service (warranty and post-warranty service), either on its own or with our help.

If you are a user of ORBITVU products that you have purchased from one of our distributors, then both the distributor and our company will have access to your personal data. It is necessary due to the obligations of the distributor and ORBITVU company towards you, including provision of technical support service (warranty and post-warranty support).

Your rights under the GDPR regulations

In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR stipulating personal data protection for EU companies to which this Privacy Policy complies, you have following rights with respect to your personal data, of which we are the controller:

  • the right to obtain confirmation from us as to whether or not we are processing your personal data and, where this is the case, the right to access your personal data and receive information about your specific data we process, the purpose of processing it, its retention period and entities that have access to your data;

    Information on how long we store personal data and who has access to it can be found in this Policy (in the sections “Retention period for data” and “Entities with access to data”).

    If you are a user of the ORBITVU Service, you have access to your data registered in in the Service through your profile created in it.
  • the right to rectify personal data which are inaccurate or to have incomplete data completed;

    If you are a user of the ORBITVU Site, you can exercise this right over the data registered on it by editing and correcting them through your account on the Site
  • the right to withdraw at any time the consent to the processing of your data, where the basis for such processing is your consent (Article 6, point 1a of the GDPR provisions); this applies, for example, to withdrawing the consent to receive the newsletter, if you are not using our products and services yet (you are not our client);

    If you are a user of the ORBITVU Site, you may opt out of using it by deleting your account in the Service.
  • the right to erasure your data (“the right to be forgotten”) if we no longer need it for the purpose for which we received it (once this purpose have been achieved) or if you have withdrawn the consent to the processing of your data (where the basis for such processing was your consent);

    In some cases, the obligation to store your data due to law or on the basis of the legitimate interest of the controller may prevent your request from being met. You can find out more from the section “Retention period for data“.
  • the right to demand that data processing be restricted to the storage of data without any further processing in the following situations:

    – in case of your contesting the correctness of personal data (the limitation of the processing will then last for a period enabling us to verify the correctness of your data)

    – in case of the processing of your data proved to be unlawful and its erasure was impossible due to your objection,

    – in case of your personal data became unnecessary for us and were needed by you in order to establish, assert or defend any of your rights;
  • the right to data portability; you have the right to receive from us your personal data in a machine-readable format; or you may request that we transmit your personal data directly to another controller;
  • the right to object to the processing of your personal data by us on the basis of the legitimate interest of the controller, such as the right to object to the marketing newsletter being sent to you as our customer (who is already using ORBITVU products).

    You can unsubscribe from receiving the marketing newsletter at any time in the settings of your account on the ORBITVU Service or by clicking on the unsubscribe button in the email with the newsletter you received.
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority in a given country, if in your opinion we do not comply with the GDPR regulations

If you wish to exercise these rights, please write to us (to an e-mail or postal address) or call us. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

How the company communicates with customers

Our company only communicates with you in the manner in which you have given your consent and only to the address (especially e-mail address) or telephone number provided by you for this purpose.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy in order to adapt it to possible changes in data protection legislation or changes in the scope of data processed by us.

The revised Privacy Policy will be published on this website.

Information about our company

company name:

ORBITVU Sp. z o.o.


Sienkiewicza 48

42-600 Tarnowskie Góry


identification numbers:

VAT ID: 6452515131

REGON number: 241721595

Orbitvu is a company registered in Poland in the Register of Entrepreneurs (rejestr przedsiębiorców) kept by the District Court in Gliwice, 10th Commercial Division of the National Court Register (Sąd Rejonowy w Gliwicach, X Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego) under KRS number: 0000366154

contact data:

e-mail: [email protected]

tel: + 48 32 7681680

What data do we collect and for what purpose?

We collect two types of data under the Orbitvu Station licence:

  • data from visitors who are not logged in;
  • data from logged-in users.

Data relating to users who are not logged in are anonymous and cannot be linked to a specific person or entity. These data only concern the way the user interacts with the application, in other words, the actions they carry out, what they click on and what they use.
We process the data originating from a given computer where Orbitvu Station has been installed. On the basis of a computer’s IP address, we can sometimes determine which country the device is located in. However, even this is not one hundred per cent certain, since it depends on the network settings via which the computer connects with the Internet. No photographs taken with Orbitvu Station appear among anonymised data of this kind.

We use data of the kind discussed in the foregoing to provide a better understanding of what users do with Orbitvu Station and to support our continual improvement of the application.

Data collected from logged-in users can be linked to both to a specific person, which is to say, a person, a company or a member of its personnel using Orbitvu Station, and to their personal data. One of the forms in which these data appear is as reports on the use of the Orbitvu Station application. They can also include product photographs the user has taken with the application.

The processing of such photographs by Orbitvu requires your prior consent. Only the user and people they have authorised have access to them. We do not make these data available to any third parties.

How do we use your data?

The only reason we collect the data is to attain a better understanding of what users do with the application. This information enables us to fulfil our promise of constantly improving Orbitvu Station. The data are used solely in order to improve the quality of Orbitvu Station’s operations; for instance, they give us insights into what is problematic and what needs improvement.

Data security

Under no circumstances do we make the data we process available outside Orbitvu. We neither sell them nor do we have any intention of doing so. We collect data in accordance with the highest security standards, using our own technologies and services such as SaaS, which specialise in data collection and security in line with global regulations. The security of our users’ data is our overriding priority, which is why we also have full control over the servers on which they are stored.

The legal basis for collecting your data

We use your data solely for the purposes you consent to when you accept Orbitvu’s regulations for the use of the licence and our Privacy Statement, or for the purposes to which we are entitled by law, particularly the provisions of the GDPR. Detailed information can be found in our Privacy Statement.